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The Great Escape Book

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Genuine Girard's very own Cindy Girard is proud to announce her upcoming book,The Great Escape: Helping Someone Break Free from the Deep, Dark Dungeon of Depression.

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Coming in early 2018, but you may pre-order here!

 When you pre-order, receive these FREE BONUS MATERIALS:

  • 8 Depression Myths Debunked (free pdf report worth $15 but with priceless information)
  • 8 posters with DUNGEON DEFYING TRUTHS (free pdf downloads of 11x17 posters with a value of over $100, as you can print these for yourself and make copies for others!)
  • signed by the author with a free personal message

As shipping books works a bit differently than for our food products, I have included the shipping charge in the product price. If you wish to order multiple copies, the shipping cost will decrease. Please contact me to make arrangements. If the shipping costs are prohibitive, the book will be available at Amazon, and the downloadable version will be available for free. The downloadable version will not get the bonuses. If you provide a copy of your Amazon receipt, I will provide you with the first two free bonuses.