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The Great Escape (from Depression) Book

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Genuine Girard's very own Cindy Girard is proud to announce her long-awaited book, The Great Escape: Helping Someone Break Free from the Deep, Dark Dungeon of Depression.

About the Book: 

Depression is a dark and lonely prison. Those trapped there need a strong support system that will help them find hope and joy again. The Great Escape is an eye-opening discourse enabling you to help your loved one escape from the Dungeon of Depression. It explains numerous possible factors that can chain someone in the Dungeon, some of which are simple to address. It is packed with information and ideas that will equip you to effectively support, encourage and interact with someone struggling with depression or related mental health issues. It assists you in examining your own behaviors to assess whether they are helping or hurting the situation. Most importantly, this highly practical book provides a collection of unique "power tools" that you and your loved one can use to help them break free from the Dungeon and enjoy life again.

A fearless yet compassionate book, The Great Escape debunks the many myths surrounding depression with a virtual library of supporting research, presented in a clear and easy to read manner.  Authored by someone who has been incarcerated in the Dungeon for a substantial portion of the past 40 years, this book is a testimony that when properly informed and equipped you can literally save someone’s life.

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      “Depression is personal, complex, and widespread. In The Great Escape: Helping Someone Break Free from the Deep, Dark Dungeon of Depression, Cindy Girard provides clarity and understanding of an epidemic that has affected and confused many. If you or someone you know is dealing with depression, this enlightening book is a must-read!”

      (Dr. Edward F. Group III, Founder, CEO and Chairman of Global Healing, author of The Green Body Cleanse)


     “This is a unique book for anyone who has a friend or loved one suffering from what Cindy Girard aptly terms “the Dungeon of Depression.” It is wise and compassionate, informed by an extensive review of the scientific literature, as well as personal experiences. I recommend it highly.” 
     (Dr. Irving Kirsch, Associate Director at Harvard Medical School, Program in Placebo Studies)


     “Cindy Girard is a woman with an incredible story to tell; one that will bless the lives of everyone who reads it. As one who has experienced her own sentence languishing in the deep, dark dungeon of depression, and yet found eventual release, Cindy possesses the credentials necessary to help others find freedom as well. She is competent and qualified to educate both those who suffer from this heartbreaking and complex medical condition and those who do not but who desperately need to educate themselves on this relevant issue.”
     (Guy Hammond, Executive Director of Strength in Weakness Ministries, Author of Messed Up: Proof That You're More to God Than Your Mistakes)


     “As a counselor who served in Christian ministry for 35 years, I urge groups, churches, and families to create a healing space alongside the person who is suffering with depression; not with bitterness or anger but with kindness and wry humor.  Cindy Girard describes the qualities of that healing space: compassion, persistence, patience, non-judgmental listening, tender communication, and appropriate expectations.  May this message of compassion, combined with clear tools, marinate in your mind and shift your paradigm of depression itself as it adds dimensions to your perspective of the role of helper.  With an open heart, from that expanded perspective, may new possibilities for helping come into view.”
     (Sarabeth FelushkoCounselor, Educator, Certified Advanced Grief Recovery Specialist®, Creator of Identify & Map It! Know yourself,™  a system of compassionate communication)

      “Cindy captured and shared the “hell” of depression and all the feelings that go with it! The Great Escape is raw and real and touches all of us whether it’s ourselves or a loved one! BRAVO Cindy for sharing your story!”

     (Debbie Abfalter, Founder of Seniors Solution)


     “The Great Escape, Helping Someone Break Free from the Deep, Dark Dungeon of Depression is a well- researched book depicting both the personal experience of those suffering from depression as well as providing a look into modern health practices that can impact those living with depression. It is a resource written to help families and friends support a loved one caught up in ’the morass of deception’ where they feel that there is no way out. This book is also written for anyone wishing to know more about the realities of this commonly misunderstood malady. The reader will come away with an unfathomable understanding of the sufferer’s condition. I highly recommend this book.”

     (Brenda Smith-Lunam, Founder of Transitioning Works)