Please order by email to or phone 613-604-8454


Q: Where else can I purchase your products?

A: At this time you can only get our products directly from us. We are working towards getting some of our products into local stores, but there are still a number of hoops to jump through. We are regular vendors at the Metcalfe Farmers' Market, every Saturday from 9am to 1pm at the Metcalfe fairgrounds. We are inside towards the back against the south wall.

Q: Do you offer delivery? 

A: No. Our insurance does not permit us to make deliveries.

 Q: How do I indicate that I want to pick up my order?

A: During the checkout process, the shipping options will include the opportunity to select pick up. You must contact us to make arrangements.

Q: What are your store hours for pick up?

A: We do not have a storefront. If you wish to pick up your order at our home in Vernon, Ontario, you must arrange a date and time. You can do so by phoning us at 613-604-8454, or by sending us an email.

Q: Do you ship frozen products?

A: We can ship frozen products, but they require next day shipping and specialized packaging, which will cost more. Please contact us for a quote.

 Q: Where do you ship to?

 A: We are currently set up to ship throughout Canada and the US. However, we are uncertain that all products can be shipped across the border. If you live elsewhere, contact us and we will see what it would take to ship your order to you.

Q: Do you have any discounts on shipping?

A: Unfortunately, no. We are a tiny business and the big guys get all the breaks. Shipping within Canada is expensive. It is even more expensive to ship outside of Canada. We are not able to eat the cost of shipping, and we don't want to increase the price of our products to mask the shipping charges. We do have a rewards program that includes the cost of shipping (I think).

Q: An item I would like is out-of-stock. Is there a way I can know when it will come back into stock?  

A: Please send us an email and let us know you are interested. We are two people with health challenges and thus we never get everything done. If we know you want a product, we can adjust our priorities to make sure we make it available to you ASAP.