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Hot Sauces (or Semi-Hot)

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We have three amazing artisanal hot sauces, which you will not find anywhere else on the planet!

All the hot sauces come in a 340mL bottle. They are listed in order from mildest to hottest, except for the clearance item at the bottom.

Roasted Green Chili Verde:

A dark, smokey hot sauce with a deep, rich, slightly sweet flavour and a bit of a lingering kick. Great for eggs, any meat,  in soups and chili, or as a “secret” ingredient in sauces of your own. This is Cindy's favourite, perhaps only because she is too wimpy to handle the hotter ones.

Over 60% organic or garden-grown without chemicals!  Nothing from a can! It is about 3 hot peppers out of 10 in terms of heat.

 Hot Sauce #5

Not too mild and not too hot with layers of rich smoky flavors mingling with pineapple and cherry for a slightly sweet taste. Great for anything from eggs in the morning through sandwiches and other lunch items to dinner and snacks.

So why is it named #5 when we only have four hot sauces? Well, after bottling the sauce, Cindy wanted to know what the sauce was called in order to label the boxes. Mark replied "#5." That is what went on the boxes and then onto the labels. 

Hot sauce #5 is five hot peppers out of 10 in terms of heat. (It may actually only be a 4, but 5 goes better with the name.)


Triple Hot Apricot:

A  balance of the sweet delightful flavour of apricots with the spiciness of hot peppers, a variety of spices, and lots of onions and garlic makes this ideal for everything, even vanilla ice cream! (Cindy's son Christopher figured that out, yum!) The three sources of heat provide the "Triple Hot" effect. It is not super super super hot.

It is four or five hot peppers out of 10 in terms of heat.