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Chocolate Smackaroons -- Chocolate, Coconut and More Coconut.

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These are similar to a coconut macaroon, with literally as much coconut as we could possibly stuff into them.

Each bomb is made with five different natural sugars:  xylitol, cane sugar, agave cactus sugar, coconut sugar and stevia. These sugars are metabolized at different rates, providing a steady supply of energy over time. There is no sugar rush and no sugar crash! No insulin spike! This variety of energy bomb has more xylitol than cane sugar, making it safe for most diabetics. 

We add fibre, protein and as much coconut as we can possibly fit. These all help to increase the low-glycemic effect, which produces stable energy for a long time.

These are not too sweet and similar in texture to a chocolate macaroon. Very Popular!

These are gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free, nut-free and school safe!

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