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Chocolate Smackaroons -- Chocolate, Coconut and More Coconut.

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Smackaroons are similar to chocolate coconut macaroons, with literally as much coconut as we could possibly stuff into them.

We all need a pick-me-up from time to time. Whether it is sitting through the meeting where the dry lifeless speaker has droned on for hours, or to keep awake on the long drive home from Iqaluit, or in order to finish that report which was due yesterday.

Don't turn to toxic energy drinks! Our chocolate bombs are non-toxic and taste far better than any energy drink! Ok, that isn't entirely true. If you are severely allergic to coconut, these would be considered toxic because they have as much coconut as we could possibles stuff into them!. They are also toxic if you are a dog, so don't share with Fido. But it is absolutely true that they taste way better than any energy drink.

Smackaroons are a just bit sweeter than dark chocolate, but nowhere near the sweetness of a standard macaroon. Smackaroons are sweetened with a blend of five different all-natural organic sweeteners:  cane sugar (just a bit) , xylitol (toxic to Fido), agave inulin powder (great for stabilizing blood sugar)), coconut sugar and stevia. SInce each sweetener metabolizes at a different rate, the blend produces a low-glycemic product which provides steady energy over time. We have also successfully hidden additional fibre and protein which adds nutrition and slows down the release of energy.

Many diabetics have been able to enjoy our Smackaroons without any insulin spike. We haven't had anyone come back to us to report a problem, and several have come back with tremendous praise. We just can't make any absolute claims or Health Clanada may drag us away.

Our Smackaroons are gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free, corn-free and vegan. They do not contain any artificial sweeteners.
Allergy alert: Smackaroons contain coconut - lots and lots and lots of coconut!
Healthy Chocolate. It is not an oxymoron. Try some today and find out for yourself!
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