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Chocolate -- Chocolate Almond Coconut energy bombs

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It is an energy product masquerading as gourmet chocolate!

Skip the toxic energy drinks! Our chocolate bombs are non-toxic and taste far better than any energy drink! Ok, that isn't entirely true. If you are allergic to almonds, these are very toxic because these chocolate bombs are chock full of slivered almonds. They are also toxic if you are a dog. But it is absolutely true that they taste way better than any energy drink.

We are frequently asked if our energy bombs are dark chocolate. We don't have an easy answer to that question because they are so unique there isn't currently a chocolate category to fit them into. They are a bit sweeter than dark chocolate, but nowhere near the sweetness of milk chocolate. The biggest difference is that we don't use one or two sweeteners, but a blend of five different all-natural sweeteners:  cane sugar, xylitol (toxic to Fido), agave inulin powder (from cactus), coconut sugar and stevia. The blend produces a low-glycemic product which provides steady energy over time. So athletes use it as a legal energy boost, pregnant women or nursing moms can get some much-needed extra energy, students can get that report done than they really should have started a couple of weeks ago, and long haul drivers can avoid another coffee stop.

Many diabetics have been able to enjoy our chocolate bombs without any problems. We haven't had anyone come back to us to report a problem, and several have come back with tremendous praise. We just can't make any absolute claims or Health Clanada may drag us away.


The chocolate bombs just happen to be gluten-free, dairy-free, and vegan. They do not contain any artificial sweeteners. Along with the almonds, they do contain coconut and soy. We are working on reformulating them to eliminate the soy, but for now, soy is in them. The coconut is staying. If you can't do soy, try our Cacao and Peanut Butter Soft Bombs or our Chocolate Smakaroons. Also, don't tell your kids they are healthy, because they won't figure it out unless you do tell them.  We have managed to hide extra fibre and protein into these bombs for added nutrition.
Healthy Chocolate. It is not an oxymoron. Try some today and find out for yourself!
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