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Chocolate -- Cacao, Peanut Butter and Hemp energy bombs

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An energy product masquerading as gourmet chocolate!

Cacao is not a spelling mistake! It is unroasted cocoa, and retains many of the nutrients which go missing in the roasting process.

Do you like dark chocolate? Cacao is even better for you! Most of the research claiming chocolate is good for you was actually done with unroasted cacao beans, not processed chocolate.

So, now that we have established why you want cacao, rather than cocoa. What's so special about our cacao energy bombs? 

The mouth-watering blending of chocolate and peanut butter goes way back to... am I allowed to mention names? Well, our cacao bombs have organic cacao and peanut butter, eliminating toxic pesticides and processing. Then we sweeten it with a unique blend of four different natural sweeteners: maple syrup, xylitol (from hardwood trees, so not a nasty artificial sweetener), organic agave inulin powder (from cactus), and organic stevia extract. These sugars are metabolized at different rates, providing a steady supply of energy over time. There is no sugar rush and crash! No insulin spike! This means most diabetics can enjoy these in reasonable quantities with no negative consequences. For those non-diabetics, it means steady energy to help you stay awake during that boring meeting, or on that long drive home from the weekend at the cottage, or when you desperately need to finish that report you kept procrastinating to even start. Also, don't tell this to your kids, because they won't figure it out unless you do tell them.  We have managed to hide extra fibre and protein into these bombs for added nutrition.

These are also vegan, gluten-free, soy-free, and dairy-free. Since we use only real ingredients, these do contain peanuts. 

Healthy chocolate. Yes, it does exist. Try it today :)

 Although dairy-free and gluten-free, many people have told us it is the best chocolate they have ever had! 

These are mostly organic. The cacao, hemp, and peanut butter are all organic.