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Chocolate -- Cacao, Peanut Butter and Hemp energy bombs

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An energy product masquerading as gourmet chocolate!

Cacao is unroasted cocoa, and has many of the nutrients lost to cocoa in the roasting process. Thus cacao is better for you than dark chocolate! All varieties of chocolate are made with a blend of different natural sugars: cane sugar, xylitol, agave cactus sugar, coconut sugar and/or stevia. These sugars are metabolized at different rates, providing a steady supply of energy over time. There is no sugar rush and crash! No insulin spike!

We add fibre and protein and along with the organic peanut butter help to increase the low-glycemic effect, which produces stable energy for a long time.

Although dairy-free and gluten-free, many people have told us it is the best chocolate they have ever had! 

These are mostly organic. The cacao, hemp and peanut butter are all organic. We will get the nutrition information and exact amount of organic up soon. Send an email if you really want to know ASAP :)