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Cherry Chipotle Salsa

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Do you like cherries? Honestly, who doesn't?

Like foods with a bit of a spicy kick?

When you put those together, you get our amazing cherry chipotle salsa! This unique low-glycemic salsa starts with the mouth watering sweet taste of dark cherries, and slowly transitions to the mildly spicy and smoky flavour of chipotle peppers.  Unless you don't do any spicy foods at all, this is unlikely to cause any eye-watering. Except when you realize you are all out.

When someone says salsa, most people automatically think of a tomato dip for tortilla chips. Our cherry chipotle salsa will certainly bring some new life to that humdrum party staple. You can also use it to add some kick and colour to the veggie platter. Even better,  blend it with some cream cheese for a dip or cracker topping that will be the talk of the party, for weeks to come. But, oh, there is so much more you can do with it! Throw out your ketchup or barbecue sauce and use the cherry chipotle salsa instead. Absolutely amazing super fantastic on a hamburger, meatloaf, or ribs! 


Sold frozen in a reusable BPA-free tub.

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