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Applicious Hot Sauce (with organically-grown apples)

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APPLES! … and Heat! with layers of other flavours. Sweet, hot, delicious, and refreshing.

One customer asked what we thicken our sauces with. Our answer: Vegetables! We cook down the sauce, rather than using cheap thickeners. The onions and garlic are allowed to sweat for hours, releasing tons of flavour before the other ingredients are added. Once all the ingredients are in, they are allowed to simmer for several more hours, allowing the flavours to meld together and the water to evaporate out. The sauce is then pureed. A touch of a thickening agent such as xanthan gum may be used, but in minute quantities, more for mouth feel than for any real thickening action.

We use a variety of natural sweeteners to reduce the glycemic load.

Heat 5 out of 10

170ml bottle

INGREDIENTS: Apples (Organically Grown), Red Onions, Sweet Red Pepper, Organic Maple Syrup, White Sugar, Vidalia Onions, non-GMO Xylitol, Vinegar, GF Organic Spices, Napa Cabbage, Celery, Daikon Radish, Orange Peppers, Whiskey, Himalayan Sea Salt, Jalapeno Peppers, Molasses, Organic Carrots, Non GMO Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C), Garlic, Bourbon Vanilla Extract.

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