Please order by email to or phone 613-604-8454


We now offer co-op purchases.

In these challenging times, it is our desire to help families be able to purchase foods at reasonable prices. Buying in bulk makes this a possibility. Most items are in 10kg sizes, but some are in smaller sizes. We are working on adding items in smaller sizes, but they have additional costs added to cover my time and supplies.

The large quantity items must be picked up at our location in Vernon (rural Ottawa).


Please fill in the information below to be added to our email list specifically about co-op purchasing. You will receive the price list and some useful information. 

Orders are placed every two weeks. Orders must be received by Wednesday evening-  the second and fourth of each month. The order is delivered to our location the following Wednesday, the 1st (or 5th) and 3rd Wednesday of the month. Arrangements must be made to pick up the order that afternoon or evening at our location in Vernon (rural Ottawa), as we do not have anywhere to store the food.

If you make items that you would like to offer to the co-op customers, please email us at We would love to work something out!