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Meaty Chili Con Carne

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An incredibly delicious and extremely nutritious chili with BEEF AS THE FIRST INGREDIENT! Bacon, lots of peppers and our own special blend of seasonings makes this chili nothing short of amazing!

One 182g serving, which is 1/3 of a frozen brick, provides 50% RDA of Vit C, 60% Vit B12, 30% Zinc, as well as 20% RDA of Iron, Selenium and Vit B6 -- all from FOOD, not chemicals! It also has about 1/3 the sodium as canned chili. No starches or gums were used to thicken this chili. It is super thick because the vegetables were cooked down, melding the flavours together and increasing the nutrition.

You can't get this awesome flavour and nutrition from a can!

This is sold as a 550g brick, 10% bigger than our normal bricks.


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