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Beefy 7-Layer Dip (Hot or Cold)

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Get ready for entertaining season!
An absolutely amazing version of the common 7-layer dip, especially when served hot. The flavours blend together in a mouth-watering, can't wait to eat it way! Sold frozen, so either thaw and serve, or bake and serve. It can't be any easier! Perfect for entertaining, or for relaxing at home with the family.
1 Refried Beans - pinto beans which have been boiled and have never been fried and certainly not retried. Some bozo translated "frijoles refritos" as refried beans, when it is the name of the dish.
2 Succulent Taco Meat perfectly seasoned to make your mouth water
3 Cheese- When served hot the cheese becomes tasty gooey goodness
4 Homemade Salsa made from scratch with nothing artificial but lots of wonderful natural flavour!
5 Guacamole - that's the funny-looking green dip made from avocados and it blends in perfectly in this dip
6 Sautéed Peppers and Onions provide another distinct flavour in this delectable dish
7 And we top it all off with more cheese, of course!

1.1 kg (almost 3 pounds!) of delicious!

Every layer made from scratch. No artificial ingredients. No textured vegetable protein!

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