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High Beta Glucan Barley Flour

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Beta-glucans are a type of soluble fibre found in barley, which lowers blood cholesterol and reduces the risk of heart disease. One gram of beta-glucan from barley grain products equals 35% of the recommended daily intake. Beta glucans create a feeling of fullness, and prevents fast rise in blood sugar after eating. Beta-glucans also aid in the support of the immune system and can help regulate blood sugar. All of these benefits help the fight against obesity, cardiovascular disease, and diabetes.

100% Whole Grain Barley Flour contains all of the barley kernel’s healthy and natural elements— the germ, endosperm and bran. Barley flour has a sweet flavor and may be added to your favorite baked goods recipe for additional flavor, nutrition and a wonderfully tender texture. Beta-glucan barley flour can substitute all-purpose or whole wheat flour at 100% when baking muffins, cookies, and quick breads, or up to 30% for yeast breads.

These are on clearance as they have been in our cold storage (fridge that is rarely opened) for about 3 years. We have been using barley flour from the same time period and it has been just fine. Due to health issues that forced the business to stop selling at the local farmers' market and which has prevented us from any online marketing, these have been sitting around for a while. They sell locally for $7.