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High Beta Glucan Barley Berries

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Hulless barley is a variety of barley that has been adapted to grow in Canada. It is free of genetically modified organisms and commercial additives, and is more nutritious than traditional barley. It adds a delicious nutty flavour to your baking. 


Barley comes in several forms, but choosing Against the Grain beta-glucan barley berries ensures that you are eating a whole grain with the most nutrients. Barley berries are the hulled seeds of the barley plant. Like other grains which retain bran, endosperm, and germ, barley berries are considered a whole grain - nutritious and especially high in fiber. Barley Berries have a chewy texture. They can be used in place of rice, or in soups, granola bars, pilaf, stuffing or to replace oatmeal as a breakfast meal. Chilled barley berries can make a great base for tossed salads. 

These are on clearance as they have been in our cold storage (fridge that is rarely opened) for about 3 years. We have been using barley berries from the same time period and they have been just fine. Due to health issues that forced the business to stop selling at the local farmers' market and which has prevented us from any online marketing, these have been sitting around for a while. They sell locally for $7.